Can A Motorcycle Last Forever? 3 Reasons Harley-Davidsons Are (Almost) Immortal

Low cost is undoubtedly one of the bigger reasons motorcycles are so popular, but what if you could stretch the low cost of a motorcycle out over a lifetime? Some bikes have gotten as high as a million miles before being retired, but is it really possible for a Harley-Davidson to reliably last so long? Here are a few reasons they just might. 

Frequent, Small Repairs Can Stave Off Big Ones

If you're willing to do a little occasional work on your bike to keep it running smoothly for hundreds of thousands of miles, Harley-Davidson bikes are just what you're looking for. Surveys show that they require more frequent repair work than other brands, but that these repairs are virtually always small and simple. Customers of the brand are also far more likely to be happy with their purchase than not, even though periodic repairs are a necessity.

Ubiquity Works In Your Favor

Harley-Davidsons are some of the most popular motorcycles in production, and that makes it much easier for you to get even the most difficult repairs done by a skilled mechanic. If the shop takes motorcycles, chances are that its employees have already done every Harley-Davidson repair known to man, twice over. This means you can feel confident about being able to find good service for your bike, which can't be said for all brands. You'll never have to worry about an elusive part or mystery problem ending your riding career.

The Manufacturer Will Rebuild Your Engine

While it's great that you can get service from just about any mechanic, you might still think it's possible to put a Harley-Davidson out of commission with enough engine damage, right? Nope. Even if your engine is wrecked and needs to be totally rebuilt, there's still hope. You can send it in to the actual bike manufacturer, who will then strip it down and put it back together as good as new.

Heavy Bikes Are Built To Last

Harley-Davidson motorcycles have no reputation for being sporty, since they tend to be heavier and more sturdy than racing bikes and stunt bikes. If your priority is a smooth and safe ride, however, this is actually a bonus.

Heavy motorcycles are more resistant to vibrations and bumps in the road, which keeps you from being jostled and keeps your bike from swerving when you run over small obstacles. The wider wheels on most Harley-Davidson bikes also ensure that you don't have to worry as much about your balance at higher speeds, which makes cruising on the interstate much more relaxing.

Longevity of a vehicle is an important factor to consider when making your selection. Unless you enjoy buying new bikes every few years, your best bet will be a bike that can go for hundreds of thousands of miles without quitting. Contact a company like Edge Harley-Davidson motorcycle dealer for more information.